Work Packages

The project duration is 2.5 years, including a development phase, a pilot testing phase and a final phase with all necessary business-related tasks for the product’s market uptake.

The work plan includes the following WPs:

WP1: Project Management. Project Coordination and management.

WP2: Development of a prototype adsorption chiller combined with dry cooler and heat pump unit. Development of a prototype adsorption chiller based on zeolite coated aluminum-fibre or -foam heat exchangers, with improved design, combined with a dry cooler and heat pump.

WP3: Prototype solar collector developed for the new product. Development of the solar collectors suitable for the new product.

WP4: System optimization, control strategies and LCA analysis. Finalized optimization and control strategy of the adsorption chiller and the solar plant, based on dynamic simulation. Implementation of a detailed LCA study.

WP5: Pilot system installed, tested and monitored. Installation of the pilot plant at NTUA. Long-term testing and monitoring. Quality control and final industrial design.

WP6: Market validation, updated business plan and training activities. Detailed economic evaluation of the new product, and updated business plan. Training activities of the installers.

WP7: Dissemination, communication and exploitation of results. Dissemination, communication and exploitation activities. Finalizing all IP issues between consortium partners.