The five partners of ZeoSol represent a high-quality consortium, able to reach the scientific and impact-related goals in an effective way with the aim to introduce a new advanced product to the market. The consortium includes:

  • The project coordinator, NTUA, with long time experience in the field of thermal plants, heating and cooling applications for buildings and with a well-equipped laboratory for testing and monitoring.
  • A SME, Akotec, with a large experience in material development, solar collectors and control strategies, and has already worked together with Fahren in such units.
  • A research institute, CNR, with consolidated experience in the field of thermal chillers, heat pumps and dry coolers and with strong connections to the relevant industry in Italy.
  • A SME, Fahrenheit, with strong expertise in the field and in particular in adsorption chillers for solar cooling units, with a sound experience in leading international and national projects.
  • A business consulting company, Diadikasia, with extensive expertise on energy systems in various EU countries and especially in south Europe.