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Authors: Tryfon C. Roumpedakis, Salvatore Vasta, Alessio Sapienza, George Kallis, Sotirios Karellas, Ursula Wittstadt, Mirko Tanne, Niels Harborth and Uwe Sonnenfeld  Published at: Energies MDPI Abstract The high environmental impact of conventional methods of cooling and heating has increased the need for renewable energy deployment for covering thermal loads. Towards that direction, the […]

Performance Results of a Solar Adsorption Cooling and Heating Unit

Authors: Tryfon C. Roumpedakis, George Kallis, Despina Magiri-Skouloudi, Dimitrios Grimekis and Sotirios KarellasPublished at: Renewable EnergyAbstract Within the context of the HVAC sector decarbonization, the market of solar driven heating and cooling systems has expanded significantly over the last years. The ZEOSOL system has as its key principle the coupling of a […]

Life cycle analysis of ZEOSOL solar cooling and heating system